As you reach the end of this cookbook, we hope that your cravings for fantastic and experimental more-than-human food futures ideas have been satisfied.

The eleven recipes that we have presented here do not provide exact ingredient lists and precise measures, nor do they contain instructions for how to fix a perfect lunch. Rather than being a step-by-step how-to guide for cooking up better futures, this More-than-Human Food Futures Cookbook aims to provoke imagination and inspire critical thinking on how human food practices could be different, supporting sustainable future flourishing.

From a picnic meal reimagining the human body as a resource to slug-driven food governance, the book captures the co-creative thought experiments of 33 contributors who came together for two workshop days to cross-pollinate ideas, weaving them into food futures recipes that consider more-than-human interests.

If you find the book’s contents inspiring and would like to cook up more with us, do join one of our Feeding Food Futures (FFF) events. See our website for updates about upcoming FFF projects and other resources detailing our past collaborative work. If you have a proposal for a new collaboration or any other nourishing content to share, do reach out – you are always welcome at the shared FFF table.

Feel free to circulate this cookbook with your fellow eaters, under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.


Markéta, Sjef, Hilary, Danielle, and Ferran

The cookbook editors